ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Taking their Music Career and ROYALTY Income  next level...
ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Taking their Music Career and ROYALTY Income  next level...
STOP Wasting Time & Money on 
figuring it out...
Attention Musicians & Audio Content Creators!
Attention Musicians & Audio Content Creators!
This message is for every audio content creator who needs to... get their music in front of Millions so they can finally make a massive impact on the industry but, can't afford to put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local radio station's program directors hands right now.... 
We'll teach you what the major record labels don’t want you to know about how to get the streams you've been lacking! 
GET PAID the ROYALTIES you deserve.
Don't Let DOUBT Stop you From Getting The ROYALTIES You DESERVE..
What People Are Saying:
I'm a pretty savvy business Woman.  I've been collecting royalties here and there for Voice Overs I've done. I earn well but the income was very unpredictable. Hard to plan life as a Mother of 2 with inconsistent royalty deposits so I kept "my day job" as they say. I've never doubted that I'd get to a point in life where I'd live  comfortably off of my voice over work and recorded Poetry royalties. When I invested with BGM Streaming Services I did it with confidence knowing I'd be able to see results within 72 hours.  The money back guarantee  was the reinforcement I needed to do a little fundraising and really make this work for me.  And, it Did! I finally have more time with my family, time with my friends. As much as I enjoyed my job, I enjoy quality time with my loved ones much much more. I got my freedom back thanks to Calculator Music Group.  I'm investing monthly now. Hope this was helpful to you guys!
- Johanna G, CA
We started our label in 2018. We have Singers, Rappers, and we producer our own music.  When we found out about Calculator Music Group streaming promotions we knew it was on!  We put our money together and invested.  Scared money don't make money.  since we can do everything else in house we plan to stay independent.  We just found a way to crush the game.  We're recording all the time now because we know we are going to get paid royalties.   We just leveled up!
                                    - FOCUS K&Q
I'm no sucker for clever ads.  I don't gamble.  I do my homework.  I read and write reviews, y'all.  This service is the TRUTH!  I submitted this pic with my testimonial because I'm literally all smiles. 

It's not easy out here for an indie Music Artist. Trying to get to a DJ to brake your record is almost impossible. I've bought the flyers, wrapped my SUV and all that. I won't say it didn't help promote me but I can admit it didn't make me any money worth mentioning.  I was ready for this kind of opportunity and after learning more about these folks I jumped on it.  I'm so glad I did.  If you're on the fence about it I'm telling you...See it, Believe it, Receive it. 
- Bobbie M, FL
I've been a Musician since childhood but I started recording a few years ago.  Recording gets expensive so I was in no rush because I wasn't really sure how to make money off my music.  There's a bunch a sites that promise stuff but I needed something that really works.  I got my 1st royalty check already.  It wasn't a lot but it was what they said I'd get for my investment.  I'm ready to invest again.  Respect! Calculator Music Group.
Winston D, LA
We've been struggling to get shows.  Every time we would talk to club owners they'd ask about our following and streams.  There's nothing worse than being told your music is good or that they "like it" and then not being able to close the deal because they don't think you're going to pack their club out. We needed a strategy.  Calculator Music Group Streaming services came right on time.  After about 1 month we started tracking where the bulk of our streams were coming from during the promotions. We got the reinforcement we needed, we just had to go to our fans.  We are preparing a tour now!! This worx!
- Trev J and Marcus R, FL
72 hours passed and I was absolutely watching my stats. At first I didn't see much of a difference. I checked my stats a few days later and the numbers were increasing enough for me to not stress. I log in once in a while just to watch my money grow.  It's been 42 days since I invested in my promotions and I'm already planning for platinum. I know exactly what to do now and I don't need an army of people charging me for their services to do it.  This is the JEWEL!! A real way to do it.  S/O to Calculator Music Group Streaming services. I'm already booking shows based off my results.  I give them 4 Stars!
- Tricia H, IL

Action often spells the difference between failure and success and failure...

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